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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: May 16, 2017

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call and Recognition of Visitors and Board Co-Chairs
    1. Yelena Hardcopf: Present
    2. Elizaveta Lindman: Present
    3. Christian Schmidt: Present
    4. Alekej Abyzov: Absent
    5. Alex Brusilovsky: Present
    6. Mark Eilers: Absent
    7. Paul Kinsey, Executive Director, ex officio board member: Present
    8. Visitors in attendance: no visitors
  2. Approval of the Agenda for this meeting
    The board moves to approve the agenda for this meeting with a correction to the date listed on the minutes for April 18, 2017 from March 21 to April 18.
    Motion: Christian Schmidt
    Second: Alex Brusilovsky
  3. Read the Nasha Shkola Mission and Vision – Paul Kinsley
    Vision: To be an academically rigorous school preparing students for the world.
    Mission: Nasha Shkola will be a multi-cultural charter school committed to academic excellence, provide a highly structured learning environment based upon education best practices for students interested in the Russian language and culture, achieved through the collaborative efforts of parents, staff, and the communities we serve.
  4. Open Forum for members of the public wishing to address the board
  5. Reports

    1. Chairs Executive Report: Yelena Hardcopf
    2. Executive Director report
      1. Enrollment- 102
      2. Student Achievement and LIT (Yelena Hardcopf)
        1. The first round of MCA tests was recently completed and the school is nearly finished with NWEA tests. The school looks like it will see improvement.
      3. Staff Update
        1. A teacher was hired for the second grade for the next year.
    3. Financial Report
      1. Director Kinsley will address the staff about the budget, moving, and benefits.
      2. Monthly Finance Report, Mark Eilers – Treasurer
        1. The school had a deficit of $54,566 for April.
        2. The school has a cash balance of $62,560 for April.
        3. The school has a fund balance of $168,259.
        4. The school spent $20,000 on school supplies this year such as printer paper and classroom supplies.
  6. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of April 2017 board meeting
    2. Financials April 2017
    3. Approval of new employee’s agreement: Natalya Johnson 1.0 FTE (2nd Grade)
      The board moves to approve the minutes of the April 2017 board meeting and the financials for April 2017 with a correction to the date on the minutes from March to April to reflect the correct date of the April 2017 board meeting.
      Motion by: Elizaveta Lindman
      Seconded by: Christian Schmidt
  7. Old Business
    1. Development of FY 18 BudgetBudget- finalization
      1. The school began building the budget based on 102 students but increased the budget number to 105.
      2. There are some unanswered questions within the budget with regards to the new facility.
      3. Utilities may go down at the new location
      4. The board discussed the percentages of utilities paid at the new location.
      5. The board discussed the budget proposal.
        Motion to approve the budget for FY 2018.
        Elizaveta Lindman
        Christian Schmidt
    2. Plan annual meeting (June 9th) and recruit more candidates to run for the school board.
      1. No more parent candidates besides Alexej Abyzov.
      2. There is one candidate from the community of Brooklyn Park who has expressed interest in serving on the board.
      3. The board discussed the need to reschedule the June board meeting to ensure there is a quorum. The board discussed days and times to reschedule the meeting.
        Motion to change the date and time of the June meeting from June 20th at 6:30pm to June 9th at 6:30 pm.
        Motion: Christian Schmidt
        Second by: Liza Lindman
    3. . Meeting results with Northern Lights Church on Occupancy.
      1. NLCO told us about a recent mailer that had printed. The church had sent 1,300 postcards to families in the community from two zip codes. This cost $600.
      2. Our school should think of doing a similar thing.
      3. The school should make changes to the message on GoFundMe to explain that this donation is tax deductible.
      4. A letter should be sent to those donating them thanking them for the contribution and informing them of tax information.
    4. School advertisement & recruitment for enrollment.
      1.  It has been suggested that the school hire a temporary marketer to get word out about the school as we move.
      2. Look at festivals and other family friendly events to go to spread word about our school.
    5. Moving agenda and preparation (Assistance with move- volunteers)
      1.  The board talked about the tentative schedule for moving, loading of containers, unloading containers, and volunteer work.
    6. School Policies
      1. The board discussed policies for the school including the whole grade policy and other possible policies. 7.5.1 Whole grade acceleration policy.
      2. The board discussed the need for a policy on grade acceleration so that students are meeting objective criteria before moving up a grade.
        Motion to approve the whole grade policy effective immediately.
        Motion by: Yelena Hardcopf
        Second by: Christian Schmidt
    7. Parent & staff survey 16-17
      1. Remove some questions make the survey more concise.
    8. Directors evaluation.
      1.  The board needs to finalize the results of the evaluation and set up an interview with Director Kinsley before the next meeting.
  8. New Business
    1. Results of IQS leadership meeting. The director and the lead teacher explained the results of the meeting with IQS.
    2. New hire 2nd grade Natalya Johnson will be joining our team as second grade teacher in 2017-2018.
  9. Other 
  10. Adjourn
    1. Alex Brusilovsky moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm. 4-0-0


  1. Make changes to the message for Go Fund Me to explain that the donation is tax deductible.
  2. Look at festivals and other events that are family friendly for marketing our school.
  3. Create a letter to thank people donating and giving them tax information.
  4. Finalize results of the director evaluation and sit down to meet with the director before the next meeting.
  5. Revise the survey and approve at the next board meeting.
  6. Mini poster for the library in Brooklyn Park, MN.

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