Nasha Shkola Safe Learning Plan


Nasha Shkola Safe Learning plan 21-22  focuses on providing a safe environment for all the students and staff. This plan is based on MDH Best Practices for Covid -19 Prevention in Schools for the 2021-2022 school year. This plan will be reviewed at the beginning of each academic quarter through September of 2023. The public is invited to provide comments on the plan using the feedback from here:

In-Person Learning

All students in grades K-8 will be offered in-person learning to open school year.

Distance Learning

NS will be prepared to shift to virtual/distance learning only if conditions dictate, or in case the Governor orders the closing of in-person instruction.

Модели обучения

  • Все студенты вернутся к очному обучению пять дней в неделю.
  • Наша Школа получила предварительное одобрение в качестве утвержденного государством онлайн-провайдера на 2021-22 учебный год. NSCS не будет предлагать онлайн-вариант для всех учащихся, поскольку в школе нет достаточного количества сотрудников, которые могут обеспечить полное обучение учащихся онлайн втечение учебного года. Онлайн-обучение будет использоваться только в случае карантина для всего класса / всей школы. Гибридный формат обучения не будет предлагаться в 2021-22 годах.
  • Учащиеся, которым требуется личный карантин из-за COVID или по другим причинам, связанным со здоровьем, будут иметь доступ к соответствующим учебным материалам (как в печатном виде, так и в Интернете) для выполнения своих заданий в асинхронном режиме.

Monitoring and Excluding for Illness

Students and staff MUST stay home if sick.  Parents will pre-screen their children at home to ensure absence of symptoms and fill out daily screening form.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever greater than 100 F/chills
  • Cough/shortness of breath/difficulty breathing (wheezing, shortness of breath breaths, chest tightness)
  • Other new onset of symptoms including chills, muscle pain, fatigue, sore throat, headache, runny nose, loss of sense of taste or smell or gastrointestinal symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting or nausea.

Temperatures will NOT be checked upon arrival at school and anyone with a fever of 100ºF will be isolated and sent home.

Выявление заболевших

Студенты и работники школы ДОЛЖНЫ оставаться дома в случае болезни. Родители будут предварительно проверять своих детей дома, чтобы убедиться в отсутствии симптомов, и заполнять ежедневную форму проверки (отправленную по электронной почте).

Симптомы включают:

  • Температура выше 100 F / озноб.
  • Кашель / одышка / затрудненное дыхание (хрипы, одышка, стеснение в груди).
  • Другое появление новых симптомов, включая озноб, мышечную боль, усталость, боль в горле, головную боль, насморк, потерю вкуса или запаха или желудочно-кишечные симптомы диареи, рвоты или тошноты.

Температура НЕ будет проверяться по прибытии в школу, и любого, у кого температура поднимется выше 100ºF, изолируют и отправляют домой.

Exposure to COVID-19 & Quarantine

Exposure is defined as having been within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period

All COVID-positive school community members are required to report their positive test results to the school administration.

  • It has been at least 10 days since they first felt sick or tested positive (if asymptomatic); and,
  • They feel better. Their cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms are better; and,
  • They have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

NSCS will require a quarantine period for those identified as a close contact of a COVID positive case AND who do not qualify for an exemption from quarantine due to vaccine status or a previous COVID infection within the last 90 days.

Exposure at School/School Sponsored Activity

After exposure at school or in a school sponsored activity, the standard quarantine is a 10-day period.

A shortened quarantine (5-day period) may be requested by completing the appropriate form. This requires a molecular/PCR test to be completed after a full 5 days of quarantine.  Testing is required on or after day five and a negative test result needs to be shown before returning to school or activities.

Exposure within the household

If a member of a household tests positive for COVID, all members of that household are subject to a quarantine period.

The standard quarantine is a 14-day period for those students living in the same household as a COVID positive member.

  • A shortened quarantine (10-day period) may be requested by completing the appropriate form. This requires a molecular/PCR test to be completed after a full 10 days of quarantine.  Testing is required on or after day ten and a negative test result needs to be shown before returning to school or activities.
  • For individuals who test positive for COVID, they will be required to isolate until all three of these things are true:
    • It has been at least 10 days since they first felt sick or tested positive (if asymptomatic); and,
    • They feel better. Their cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms are better; and,
    • They have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

Exemptions from Quarantine

Safe Learning Plan allows this exception that excludes students in an indoor classroom from quarantining when both the case and close contact were wearing well-fitting masks.

There are certain other circumstances where students and staff may be exempt from quarantine:

If someone has completed COVID-19 vaccination (two doses in a two-dose series or one dose in a one-dose series) and is exposed, they do not need to quarantine if ALL of the following are true:

  • The COVID-19 exposure was at least 14 days after their vaccination series was fully completed.
  • They do not currently have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • They have provided documentation of their vaccination series to the school office that clearly indicates their name, date(s) of vaccination, and vaccine brand.

If a student or staff member does not want to provide their vaccine information and/or testing results, then they will be subject to the quarantine.

If someone has previously been infected with COVID-19 and is subsequently identified as a close contact, they do not need to quarantine if ALL of the following are true:

  • Their COVID-19 illness was laboratory confirmed and exposure was within 90 days of their positive test.
  • They do not currently have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • They have provided documentation of their COVID positive results to the school office that clearly indicates their name, source of testing, date of testing, and positive test results.

If a student or staff member does not want to provide documentation around their positive test results, then they will be subject to a quarantine.

Additionally, it is up to the school nurse to determine if ALL of the criteria were met for exemption from quarantine with the final determination made by the school using the guidelines outlined above.

Physical Distancing

We will take steps to promote physical distancing (at least 3 feet apart)

  • Staggering the use of common spaces, including the cafeteria, playground and other areas
  • Rearranging furniture and equipment to move students farther apart
  • Adjusting recess and lunch schedules to allow for more cleaning and disinfection
  • Changing arrival and dismissal procedures

At this point: student will be allowed to rotate/move to other content areas (Middle school, Russian, Music, PE)

Физическое дистанцирование

Мы предпримем меры для поощрения физического дистанцирования (не менее 3 футов друг от друга)

  • Использование мест общего пользования, включая кафетерий, игровую площадку и другие зоны.
  • перестановка мебели и оборудования в классах, чтобы ученики находились дальше друг от друга.
  • Корректировка расписаний перерывов и обедов, чтобы можно было мыть и дезинфицировать поверхности между сменами
  • Изменение порядка прибытия и отбытия учащихс в школу и из школы
  • На этом этапе: ученики будут передвигаться по школе в другие предметные классы (средняя школа, русский язык, музыка, физкультура)

Face Coverings

This will continue to be monitored and could change based on conditions in the school setting. COVID-19 Face Covering Policy will be fully implemented. Conditions include: in school exposure and transmission will result in quarantine for the entire class or school.

  • Face coverings/masks are not required for either students, staff, or visitors but are highly recommended regardless of vaccination status. This guidance applies both inside buildings or in crowded outdoor settings.
  • Face coverings/masks are required on student transportation. This is a federal requirement and not a rule under the authority of the school.

Students with active respiratory symptoms MUST wear a mask.

Nasha Shkola Face Covering Policy

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Arrival and dismissal times will be staggered to minimize crowding.
  • Student pick-up and drop-off will occur outside.
  • Parents will not be allowed to congregate in school lobby during the pick-up.
  • Staff will monitor arrival and dismissal to curtail congregating and ensure students go straight from vehicle to their classroom, and vice versa.
  • If a student needs to leave early, the parent will need to inform the school office ahead of time to arrange early pick up.  Students will be held in the office area until the parent calls to notify the office that they are out front to pick up the child.  The student will then be sent out/brought out to the waiting vehicle.

Прибытие и отправление

  • Автобусы/родители высаживают детей около школы. Дети проходят в школу. Родителям не разрешается собираться в холле школы в это время. Работники школы будут следить  за прибытием и посадкой детей на машины и автобусы. Если ученику нужно уйти раньше, родитель должен будет заранее сообщить об этом в офис школы, чтобы договориться о раннем выезде. Учащиеся будут находиться в офисе до тех пор, пока родитель не позвонит и не известит офис о том, что они находятся на улице, чтобы забрать ребенка. Затем ученика выведут к ожидающему автомобилю.

Promoting Good Hygiene and Heath Behaviors

  • The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly spread by respiratory droplets, and all efforts will be focused on preventing the spread of these droplets and the virus contained therein.
  • Breathe CLEAN Air Purification Systems will remain in all 7 A/C systems in the school building.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of our learning spaces and vehicles will continue and they will be cleaned and disinfected regularly using disinfectant products that are approved and effective against the COVID-19 virus.
  • Students and staff should wash their hands often throughout the day with soap and water.
  • If soap and water are not readily available, one should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Appropriate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors (e.g., soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, disinfectant) will be available and strategically placed in areas where they can be/are frequently used.
  • School will build routines of hand hygiene into the daily school schedule for all students and staff, including handwashing and sanitation breaks during or between classroom activities.

The school will clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces and/or shared items and limit shared items.


Screening testing and vaccination are recommended by the state but not required by NSCS. All stuff will have optional testing available to them upon request. Positive results on these tests will require the positive person to quarantine.

  • Staff and students who are eligible but have not been vaccinated are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  The vaccine will help control the infection of the recipients and help protect others from getting the virus.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends that all staff and students who intend to participate in school in person get tested for COVID-19 regularly. This is in addition to anyone with symptoms or anyone who was exposed to someone who tested positive.
  • NS will continue on-site testing for staff, and it will offer it every week.
  • We anticipate the State will expand opportunities for testing for students, and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.
  • Please be advised that NSCS accepts only laboratory-confirmed tests as valid results. These results must clearly state the person’s name, source of testing, date of testing, and test results.  While there are rapid test-at-home options now available on the market (that do not require samples to be sent into a lab), NSCS cannot accept these as valid results.
  • Minnesota has an extensive statewide testing operation.  Residents have several ways in which they can access no-barrier testing, including community testing sites, a mail-order at-home test program, and clinics and hospitals across the state.  Tests remain no-cost to the individual, but it would be advisable to provide insurance information so the state can seek reimbursement from insurance companies.


  • Тестирование на Ковид и вакцинация рекомендованы государством, но не требуются NSCS. Тестировани ебудет проводиться по желанию сотрудников и учащися
  • Сотрудникам и учащимся, которые имеют право на вакцинацию, но которые не были вакцинированы, рекомендуется пройти вакцинацию.
  • Министерство здравоохранения Миннесоты (MDH) рекомендует, чтобы все сотрудники и учащиеся, которые намерены посещать школу лично, регулярно проходили тестирование на COVID-19.
  • NS продолжит тестирование для персонала на месте и будет предлагать его каждую неделю.
  • Мы ожидаем, что штат расширит возможности тестирования для учащихся, и будем предоставлять вам информацию по мере ее поступления
  • Обратите внимание, что NSCS принимает только лабораторно подтвержденные тесты в качестве достоверных результатов. В этих результатах должно быть четко указано имя человека, источник тестирования, дата тестирования и результаты тестирования. Хотя сейчас на рынке доступны варианты быстрого тестирования на дому (не требующие отправки образцов в лабораторию), NSCS не может принять их как действительные результаты.
  • У жителей Миннесоты есть несколько способов получить доступ к тестированию. Тесты остаются бесплатными

Food and Nutrition Services

School meals, whether eaten at school or home (i.e. lunches picked up during distance learning), will not be free for all students. Students will pay for meals if they do not qualify for free meals. Please fill out application.

  • Students will be encouraged to bring their own meals as feasible
  • Breakfast will be individually packaged.
  • Lunch: will be served directly to students. In September, the school will serve bag lunches.
  • NS will accommodate the needs of students with specific allergies
  • Students will eat in the cafeteria in two shifts to ensure social distancing. Increase social distancing between seats where possible.
  • Students will wait in line in a socially distancing manner one class at the time. Each class will eat in a designated area daily.
  • Students will be seated in small groups so they cannot sit opposite of each other and must sit in a zig-zag pattern leaving space between seats. Tables are labeled to identify seating by class.
  • If social distancing is not possible in the cafeteria, some grades (6-8) might bring food from the cafeteria back to their classrooms to eat. OR Students in grades 6-8 that bring food from home might eat in the classroom. Students can also eat their lunch outside as weather permits.
  • During cafeteria orientation, administrators will explain to students that they are not to pass or share any items, including food, with other students.
  • Students will be educated on proper entering, exit and disposal of trash procedures. Staff and custodian will clean tables between the shifts.
  • Administrators will establish one-way traffic flow for a designated eating area.

Disclaimer: Menus, procedures, and protocol may change on any given day if needed to follow guidance from the MN Department of Health and the MN Department of Education. 


Nasha Shkola contracts with NorthStar Bus Line LLC to provide student transportation during the school year.

NorthStar Bus Line will:

  • Clean and disinfect transportation vehicles regularly
  • Systematically review and evaluate school transportation capacity with the goal of creating as much space between riders as possible
  • Enforce social distancing: Systematically review and evaluate school transportation capacity with the goal of creating as much space between riders as possible, recognizing that it is not always feasible to have 6 feet of social distancing. Consider reducing capacity or adding routes to allow for more physical space between riders.
  • Follow the symptom screening protocol outlined in the Monitoring and Excluding for Illness section, above, for any person entering a school transportation vehicle
  • Require that individuals who become ill during the day not use group transportation to return home
  • Consider keeping windows open if appropriate and safe while the vehicle is in motion to help increase air circulation.

Nasha Shkola will:

  • Work closely with parents to identify students in need of transportation
  • In conjunction with the driver, establish seating charts with social distancing in mind.
  • Provide Northstar Company with students’ lists with the purpose of assigning bus stops and creating bus routes
  • Encourage NS families to drive students to or from school to minimize exposure and shorten transportation time.
  • Establish early release time 3:45 PM for all students that will be picked up by the parents.
  • NS transportation reimbursement policy for families that drive their children to school: The reimbursement will be at 15 cents per mile. Reimbursement will not be paid for more than 250 miles per week.  As per federal law DSSR 277.1f, reimbursement may only be made for one round trip per day between school and home.

School Cleaning and Maintenance 

  • Custodian will apply the full standard cleaning of all areas to be ready for the next day.
  • Weekly deep cleaning on the days when students are not in school.
  • Increased cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and items will be implemented mid-day, after school, or as needed by custodian and staff.
  • Staff will ensure that students avoid sharing electronic devices, books, toys, and other games or learning aids when possible, and ensure cleaning between uses.
  • Students will keep personal items in individually labeled cubbies, containers, desks, or lockers. Students are not allowed to share personal items.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set at each classroom, school office, entrance and common areas.
  • Sanitation wipes and sanitation liquid will be provided in every classroom with processes to wipe down desks surfaces throughout the school day as needed.
  • NLCC & NSCS ensures that appropriate and effective cleaning and disinfecting supplies have been purchased and are available for use in accordance with product labels, safety data sheets and manufacture specifications, and are being used with required personal protective equipment for the product.

Distance Learning Defined

Students engaging in distance learning have access to appropriate educational materials and receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s). It is important to note that distance learning does not always mean e-learning or online learning.


Ensure every student in Nasha Shkola Charter School receives a high quality education, which provides equitable access to learning and instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Дистанционное обучение

учащиеся, участвующие в дистанционном обучении, имеют доступ к соответствующим учебным материалам и ежедневно общаются со своими лицензированными учителями. Важно отметить, что дистанционное обучение не всегда означает электронное обучение или онлайн-обучение.

Цель Плана Дистанционного Обучения

обеспечить, чтобы каждый ученик чартерной школы Nasha Shkola получил высококачественное образование, которое обеспечивает равный доступ к обучению во время пандемии COVID-19.

Distance Learning Plan (PDF) – English

Distance Learning will take place of regular schooling and therefore, attendance is important.   All students should follow NS policies and guidelines for excused absences. Students whose family chooses to not participate in the day are reported as absent. It is up to the school whether to consider this an excused absence, according to Minnesota Statutes, section 120A.22, subdivision 12. (Minnesota Department of Education memo, March 2018).

In the situation when a student has not participated in distance learning for over 48 hours, the teacher/school administration will reach out to the parents through text messages, emails, phone calls, or other communication tools. NS will monitor and report student daily attendance to the State of MN.

Daily attendance will be taken in the following manner:

            1. NS will send Attendance Form (generated through Google Forms) to parents’ email at 7:00 am daily.  Parents should reply before 3:00 pm confirming that their child is ready to participate in distance learning on that day.
            2. In addition, attendance will be verified through Google Classroom in the form of a daily check-in/discussion post, and communication with teachers and completed assignments submitted throughout the day.

If a student is marked absent, but completed assignments, attendance will be corrected at a later time.

Teachers and administration will exercise caution and sensitivity regarding attendance concerns on case by case basis.


Дистанционное Обучение заменяет очное обучение и будет проходить в регулярном режиме, поэтому посещаемость важна. Все студенты должны следовать правилам NS о посещаемости и принципам для оправданных пропусков. Учащиеся, чья семья решит не участвовать в определенном учебном дне, считаются отсутствующими. В соответствии с Миннесотским Уставом, раздел 120A.22, подраздел 12 (

школа должна решать, считать ли это оправданным отсутствием. В ситуации, когда учащийся не участвует в дистанционном обучении более 48 часов, учитель / администрация школы свяжется с родителями с помощью текстовых сообщений, электронных писем, телефонных звонков или других средств связи.  NS будет контролировать посещаемость и нести отчетность перед штатом Миннесота.

Ежедневная посещаемость будет осуществляться следующим образом:

            1. NS будет отпоавлять форму посещаемости (созданную с помощью Google Form) на электронную почту родителей ежедневно в 7:00 утра. Родители должны ответить до 10:00 утра, подтверждая, что их ребенок готов участвовать в дистанционном обучении в этот день.
            2. В дополнение посещаемость будет подтверждена через Google Classroom в форме ежедневного post о регистрации / обсуждении, а также общения с учителями и выполнеия заданий в течение дня.

Если ученик помечен как отсутствующий, но при этом выполняет задание, посещаемость будет исправлена ​​позже.

Учителя и администрация будут проявлять осторожность и деликатность в отношении проблем посещаемости в каждом конкретном случае.

Nasha Shkola is committed to continue to provide the best possible service to our students with IEP and 504 plans. All IEP and 504 plans will continue to be implemented.

Students with IEP

The special education teacher will provide activities through Google Apps and other formats that are designed to meet the goals and objectives on each student’s IEP. Sped Teacher will contact families on a weekly basis or as needed through email with updates. She will contact the students on a DAILY basis via Google Meets to deliver direct instruction to meet IEP service minutes. Special Education Teachers will have daily office hours at which time families will be able to contact her in order to receive additional support. Teleconference/direct instruction/office hours schedule will be delivered to families via email.

Speech Language Pathologist will be delivering distance learning services for each student on his caseload using the Google Meets s to meet their individual IEP goals and objectives.

Students Receiving 504 Services

NS teachers will continue to implement accommodations outlined in 504 plans and ensure in-person, real-time teaching wherever applicable. We will continue to support your family’s 504 plans to the best extent possible.

The District will work with you and monitor the impact on the delivery of Section 504 program changes throughout this school closure period. In addition, the 504 coordinator will continue to work with all general education teachers that support your child’s learning.

The Special Education and Student Support Services Leadership Team

The following Online Platforms support Distance Learning staff/student/family collaboration and communication to ensure a quality student learning experience when planning and delivering remotely:

The use of technology is an important part of distance learning education. Nasha Shkola has several policies that guide the use of technology by students.

Students must agree to the following stipulations in regards to responsible use of technology:

            1. Students shall use the Internet and all forms of school technology responsibly.
            2. Students shall respect the rights of copyright owners by limiting copying to essential materials and providing attribution (citations) for images and text. Students shall avoid plagiarism by ensuring that their papers and projects reflect their thoughts and ideas as well as cited paraphrases, summaries and quotations. Students will ask teachers for assistance if they have questions regarding these terms.
            3. Students shall understand that they may use a personal device on the school network, that all school policies apply to them whether they are using their own device or school technologies, and that this privilege may be limited or revoked.
            4. Students shall understand the network is a valuable resource for teaching, learning and many other forms of productivity for students, staff and parents.
            5. Students shall understand that their participation in school interactive web resources—using a personal device or not—must represent what is expected from a student in the Nasha Shkola Charter School. Therefore, anything that is considered inappropriate in the classroom is also inappropriate in all uses of email, posts, messaging/chat sites, or other digital communication tools. This includes, but is not limited to disrespectful, profane, racist, sexist or other discriminatory remarks. Additionally, students shall promptly inform a teacher or administrator if any messages received or material reviewed is inappropriate.
            6. Students shall understand that the Nasha Shkola CYBER-BULLYING/PROHIBITED USE OF TECHNOLOGY Policy applies to online behaviors and they shall comply with all provisions of that policy.
            7. Students shall understand that school provided access to the Internet has to be filtered. If they need access to a blocked site, they shall work with their teachers to explore options available. Students shall not attempt to bypass any blocked sites or circumvent the filter in any manner.
            8. Students shall not impersonate nor attempt to impersonate another nor use or attempt to use somebody else’s accounts on any device. Students shall not delete or tamper with anyone else’s files, folders, or work. Students shall not let another student use their accounts on any device.
            9. Students shall understand that files, services, and devices provided by and/or managed by the school are not private. There is no expectation of privacy when students use the school district’s network, devices, and services and anything they do can be viewed by administration at any time.
            10. Students and their families shall understand that they will be liable for full repair and replacement costs for damage to school property, whether intentional or through negligence, including electronic devices.
            11. Students shall understand that attempts to override, disable, alter, or circumvent security restrictions, management systems, or device firmware will be considered intentional damage.
            12. Students shall understand that should they be found in violation of this policy, the consequences could include, but are not limited to; restricting access to the device, disabling device features or applications, the revocation of all network access, suspension or exclusion from school, or legal action by the authorities. Students or parents should contact school administration if they have any questions about this agreement or its implementation.

NS Computer Use and Internet Safety Agreement

Nasha Shkola Policy 5.8.1: Cyber-Bullying/Prohibited Use of Technology

Nasha Shkola Policy 5.8.2: Internet and Educational Network Safety and Acceptable Use




Social Studies & History

Art, Music & Movement


Since NS students and families reside in 16 hometowns of the Twin Cities area, NS provides county resource lists of basic needs & community  that includes important information about getting resources and assistance on numerous topics, including crisis support/mental health, domestic violence, financial assistance, food, homelessness, legal services, refugee and immigration resources, self-care, unemployment, etc.

This is a difficult time for students, families and staff. If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If you have an urgent mental health message and you want to talk with someone, but it is not an emergency, please call one of the County Mental Health resources listed below.

Ramsey County

Basic Needs & Community Resources
Adult Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7900
Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7878

Hennepin County

Basic Needs & Community Resources
COPE Team works with ages 18+:  612.596.1223
Child Crisis Team works with ages 17 and under: 612.348.2233

Anoka County

Basic Needs & Community Resources 
Crisis Response and Mental Health: 763-755-3801

Scott County

Basic Needs & Community Resources 
Mental Health Line: 952-445-7751

This section includes public comment for 2020-2021 Nasha Shkola Safe Learning Plan. To leave a comment please reach out to Yelena Hardcopf at Thank you!

  • I have a difficult time imagining students actually following safety protocols like mask wearing. (Staff, July 20220)
  • My hope is to return to school in a hybrid model at the beginning of the year, with smaller class sizes (I would love to do an AM and a PM session, so everyone can come to school each day) allowing us to build relationships with our students and introduce distance learning. (Staff, July 2020)
  • My only concern is masks for PE class. (Staff, July 2020)
  • As parents we are ill-equipped to teach our kids as was expected with distance learning. My wife and I do not have the skill set nor the expertice and patience that teachers have (more myself with with the patience than my wife). Without knowing the teaching tools best suited for our children in their various stages, we would be unable to provide them with a rich leaning environment that they would receive from their teachers. (Parent, August 2020)
  • We don’t want any form of distance learning for our 1st grader. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • I am concerned that children will fall back in academics. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • Kids need to interact with other kids and using technology is not the same. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • Children are naturally very social and the interactions they have with their peers is instrumental in their social-emotional development. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • Children need to interact. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • Kids are spending too much in front of computer doing chats, video, and other things.(Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • I would like for many opportunities for students to engage with each other through partner work, play, projects, etc. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • Kids need to communicate with each other. Risks of problems with mental health in the future for these kids because of social distancing are much greater than risk of getting Coronavirus. We really hope that this aspect is considered for the opening of the school in the fall. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • My son has been excited about school for a long time, he is very social and ready to make friends, and I am just a bit worried about disappointing him in having his first school experience with so many rules and restrictions, which if times were different, we’d be encouraging social interaction in such an important learning setting. (Parent, Aug. 2020)
  • If kids wash hands with soap and water – this is the best…Purell seem to have a lot of other chemicals and preservatives beside alcohol, that do more damage to the skin and immune system, than good if used daily. It would be nice to minimize the use of hand sanitizers, especially the hard ones, but wash hands with water instead if possible. (Parent, Sep. 2020)
  • It is very sad that our kids have being sacrificed for the sake of adults’s delusional fear. And it does look like the schools are not for students anymore, but for teachers and staff – they put themselves before the students. Everything is upside down in this new American reality. We, the people, pay for the school to educate our kids, but their interests are put behind interests of teachers and staff. And unfortunately, majority of teachers in the public schools are weak leaders who are fully vaccinated by now, but continue wearing masks out of fear of a virus that has mortality rate of 0.7 % accordingly to CDC and our little innocent kids are the victims of adults psychosis. Very very sad. (Parent, May 2021)
  • I am asking board members to change the mask policy at school and excuse students from wearing a mask upon parental request without any documentation (which is supported by Safe Plan of MDE). (Parent, May 2021)
  • Kids don’t want to wear masks, our daughters don’t want to go to school ( which never happened before …) They lose masks (I think on purpose) every morning… It’s so much psychological pressure on our kids, and because of that pressure they don’t want to go to school. I please ask you to lift mask restrictions. (Parent, May, 2021)

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