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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2019

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call and Recognition of Visitors and Board Co-Chairs
    • Alekej Abyzov: Absent
    • Mark Eilers: Present
    • Ivanna Gradinar: Absent
    • Julia Ishanova: Absent
    • Yelena Kurdyumova: Present
    • Elizaveta Lindman: Present
    • Christian Schmidt: Present
    • Andrew Wood: Present
    • Yelena Hardcopf, Executive Director, ex officio board member.
    • Visitors in attendance: Sergey Porada and Nicole Nelson of IQS
  2. Approval of the Agenda for this meeting
    Motion to approve the agenda as written.
    Yelena Kurdyumova
    Christian Schmidt
  3. Read the Nasha Shkola Mission and Vision
    To be an academically rigorous school preparing students for continued success as motivated learners and global citizens.
    Mission: Nasha Shkola aspires to be a multi-cultural charter school committed to exceptional education in all areas of academic inquiry with an emphasis on Russian Language and Culture, providing structured and responsive learning environment based upon educational best practices for all students and their families.
  4. Open Forum for members of the public wishing to address the board
    • No public comments.
  5. Reports

    1. Director report
      1. Enrollment 106 students
        • The school is at 107 students as we just added a new student in May.
      2. Other reports
        • MCA testing is complete. The school is expecting good results and are unlikely to see a drop-in score. Our reading scores looks good and show us our reading interventions are having an effect.
        • NWEA tests for the spring are being taken. The results among elementary grades are good overall. Overall growth will be reviewed during June meeting
        • Parent, student and staff surveys are complete, and results will be analyzed, and sent to IQS for review.
        • The school will submit a preschool application to IQS in the end of June, 2019.
        • The school choir performed at the Festival of Nations on the world stage. Our students performed a traditional dance in addition to singing. Our school also had a cultural display that generated interest. Our school commemorated Victory Day by performing for veterans at Millennium Adult Day Care.
        • The Olympiada of Spoken Russian was completed in middle school with an extra student from the community participating as well. The students demonstrate knowledge in history, language, poetry, literature and music before committees of judges.
        • The school continues its work on corrections for the nutrition audit. Most recently school worked to correct the issues with vegetable sub groups on our menu. Food production reports need more details showing we are giving the correct servings of vegetables.
        • The IQS annual evaluation is coming up.
        • Slavic Bazaar will occur during the second to last week of school. The purpose of Slavic Bazaar is promoting respect and appreciation for our school’s diversity. Each grade gets assigned a country to research then present about. Food and drinks are provided for purchase after the program.
    2. Financial Report
      1. Monthly Finance Report
        • Fund 01 has a deficit of $13,512.
        • Fund 02 has a deficit of $3,274.
        • The school had a total cash balance of $61,807 at the end of April.
        • The board will approve a budget at the next meeting.
  6. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of April 16, 2019 Board meeting
    2. Financials April 2019
      Motion to approve the consent agenda including minutes of the April 16, 2019 board meeting and financials for April of 2019.
      Motion by Elizaveta Lindman
      Seconded by Andrew Wood
  7. Old Business
    1. Next school year enrollment projections/programming needs
      • The school has contacted families about returning next year. We have 107 students currently in grades K-8. We will lose three eighth graders, while of the remaining 104 we have heard positively from 84 and will gain 21 kindergarteners. Two students will not be returning and among the undecided who historically have been undecided at this time of year.
      • The school will have 26 news students with 21 of those students in the incoming kindergarten class with five other students in other elementary grades. We are hoping for about 120-125 students, but our school will be budgeting for 110-115.
      • All staff have shown interest in returning. The ELL position will be cut and restructured One SPED para position will be dropped. We currently have two people doing SPED work. One of the positions is paid in full while the other is reimbursed by ½ by the state. The school can always add a second position as needed. We can advertise for part time SPED Teacher position. One of our staff who is part time would like more hours and will be restored to a full-time status. The school will add a part time physical education teacher to the staff as a community expert. The plan is for her to teach K-8 on twice a week next year.
    2. Lease renegotiation/adjustment (results of discussion)
      • The administration met with church officials to discuss renegotiation. The church agreed to go with sum certain. It is a reduction in rent but if we get more students then we will pay more.
    3. Budget FY20 draft proposal
      • The school was encouraged to build a budget on 110 students. We plan not having any big changes like in the past with contractors. The school does not need to make any large purchases. Funds will be used to increase teacher slurries and add a part time physical education teacher to elementary school. Our fund balance would increase by $90,384 under a budget with 110 students compared to $125,000 under a budget with 115 students. Board members discuss the pros and cons of a budget of 110 compared to a budget of 115.
    4. Annual meeting planning and recruitment updates
      • Andrew Wood and Elizaveta Lindman are both up for re-election for two- and three-year terms.
      • Ivanna Gradinar will step down from the board and will not run for election. Marina Condratiuc will run for the open parent position on the school board. The community position stays open.
  8. Other
    • School Policies Review:
      Nutrition audit policies: approval
      NS Wellness Policy
      NS Unpaid Meal Charges Policy
    • The board discussed the policies under review. The Wellness policy has been sent to a community expert for review. We should have a list of healthy foods and we can’t take away recess as a punishment. The board talking about the importance of policies and making sure we are doing what we say we do.

      Motion to table the wellness policy approval to the next meeting.
      Motion by Christian Schmidt
      Seconded by Yelena Kurdyumova


    • The board discussed the unpaid meal policy . This policy states that we will not refuse food or shame a student who has unpaid bills.

      Motion to approve the Unpaid Meal Charges Policy.
      Motion by Yelena Kurdyumova
      Second by: Ivanna Gradinar

      Review and update board policies Chapter 4 (4.5.5-4.6.2)
      • Policy 4.5.5 Gifts to Employees and Board Members
      • Policy 4.5.6 Use of Reasonable Force and Prohibition on Corporal Punishment
      • Policy 4.6.1. Health and Safety – Employee Right to Know.
      • Policy 4.6.2 Bloodborne Pathogens.

      The board reviewed the above policies.

      Motion to approve the revised and reviewed policies 4.5.5, 4.5.6, 4.6.1, and 4.6.2 with the addition of the date of training for BBP as before the start of school.
      Motion by Christian Schmidt
      Seconded by Andrew Wood.

  9. Other
    • The board discussed the upcoming meeting.
    • The board also discussed the school’s Maslenitsa Day and if this was a celebration that could turn off families interested in enrolling at Nasha Shkola who object to the celebration of a holiday. The board talked about the reasons our school has done Maslenitsa in the past and how it is related to the calendar. The board agreed to review and revise the school calendar to determine if this day needs to be included in the school day or could be moved to another day such as Saturday as a fund-raising tool.
  10. Adjourn
    Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm.
    Motion by Christian Schmidt
    Seconded by Yelena Kurdyumova


  1. Approve the reviewed Wellness Policy.
  2. Review Maslenitsa.

The Nasha Shkola Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM. 
The Finance Committee meets at 5:30 prior to the board meeting.

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