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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: June 18, 2015

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call and Recognition of Visitors and Board Co-Chairs
    1. Yelena Hardcopf: Present
    2. Oksana Cox: Absent
    3. Natalia Kormina: Absent
    4. Elizaveta Lindman: Present
    5. Christian Schmidt: Present
    6. Tim Luts: Absent
    7. Ben Wallace: Present
    8. Alex Brusilovsky: Present – Late: 7 PM
    9. Jake Nelson, Director – ex-officio member: Present
    10. Visitors in attendance: Dr. Steve O’Conner of IQS
  2. Approval of the Agenda for this meeting
    Motion to approve the agenda and include the discussion of the proposal to rent classroom space to New School Song to the agenda under Other Items.
    Motion by: Christian Schmidt
    Second: Ben Wallace 5-0-0
  3. Read the Nasha Shkola Vision
  4. Open Forum for members of the public wishing to address the board
  5. Reports
    1. Co-Chairs Executive Report – Yelena Hardcopf
      1. Annual meeting – results 32 people voted during the Annual Meeting on June 5th. Oksana Cox and Alex Brusilovsky were re-elected as community members to the board of directors. Nasha Shkola has one opening on the board of directors for a community representative. The board discussed the need to better define board roles and the need to have board committees be more active in fulfilling their roles to the board.
    2. IQS oversight report, 2014-2015 Dr. Steve O’Conner of IQS gave a summary of the oversight report. Dr. O’Conner said that in summary Nasha Shkola is doing much better than previous years. Nasha Shkola averaged a three on the report. In student achievement Nasha Shkola received a two. This is an area Nasha Shkola needs to improve on in the upcoming school year. Dr. O’Conner advised the board to prioritize issues most in need of improvement and focus on five areas that are most important to Nasha Shkola’s future success to create sustained growth. Dr. O’Conner answered questions from the board on areas in need of improvement.
      1. Current Enrollment 131
      2. Enrollment Projections for 15-16 See attached directors report for June 18th.
      3. Student achievement/testing MCA test results will be available in August 2015
      4. Leadership implementation team/SIG grant LIT group will meet during the summer and receive training.
      5. Curriculum
      6. Staff update One elementary teaching position is currently open. Other positions have been filled.
    3. Financial Report
      1. Monthly Finance Report – Sher Tischner, BDKA Sher Tischner could not attend tonight’s meeting. Director Nelson explained the details of the report. Nasha Shkola has $122,495.00 in cash balance and has not had to use funds from the loan for summer operations. The school had more revenue than expenditures at the end of May. The largest concern is the deficit in spending on before and after care services. The board should review pay decreases for after care staffing to make sure the program is balanced in the budget for 2015-2016. The bus company contract increased by $16 per bus per day, as a result $11,000 more was spent than last year on busing. The board discussed the need to investigate the increase.
      2. Federal CSP Grant Report Nasha Shkola has $1,400 left to be spent. The remaining dollars will be spent on curriculum and books. Final repost is due July 30, 2015.
  6. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of May 21, 2015 Board meeting
    2. May 2015 Financials Motion to approve the consent agenda 6.1 and 6.2.
      Motion by: Ben Wallace
      Seconded by Elizaveta Lindman 5-0-0
  7. Old Business
    1. Nasha Shkola 2015-2016 programming
      1. Pre-K partnership with New Horizons update
        Ms. Hardcopf updated the board on developments in the partnership with New Horizons. Nasha Shkola will partner with New Horizons for an enrichment program to be offered at four New Horizons locations. The enrichment program would be 45 minutes a day once a week at each of the four locations. The instructor could also teach a 15 minute mini-lesson with all students after the enrichment program. Class size would depend upon how many parents sign up for the program. Nasha Shkola has budgeted $9,000 to pay for the enrichment program instructor. Typical enrichment classes offered at pre-schools have a payment program so Nasha Shkola’s cost could decrease. The ideal candidate as an instructor should be a native Russian language speaker with an educational background. The open position will be posted on for an instructor to teach Russian language enrichment classes to pre-school age children for 10 hours a week.
      2. High school partnership with ERA follow-up
        No new information.
  8. New Business
    1. Leadership transition & Administration model
      On Friday June 12th, the board was informed of Director Jake Nelson’s resignation. The board has discussed possible administration models for the 2015-2016 school year and settled on returning to a split or divided administration model. The board discussed the advantages and disadvantages of dividing the director position into two positions with an executive director focused on finances, business operations, community relations, and human resources and a head teacher position focused on academics, student discipline and interactions between teachers and parents. The board discussed the need for well-defined roles for each administrative position to ensure that both administrators know what areas of school management they are individually or cooperatively accountable for. IQS also expressed their support for the division of the administration model into two well defined positions composed of one head teacher and one executive director. IQS stressed the need to have well defined roles for a proposed divided administration.

      Motion: The board moves to change the administrative model of Nasha Shkola from a single director position to a .50 executive administrative position and a .75 head teacher position.
      Motion by Ben Wallace
      Second: Alex Brusilovsky

    2. Director search
      The open director position will be posted on The board also discussed the need to appoint an interim director during the transition to the new administrative model. The board and Director Nelson discussed remaining and ongoing work of the current director position.

      Motion: The board moves to assign Yelena Hardcopf co-chair of the board as the interim director of Nasha Shkola Charter School.
      Motion by Ben Wallace
      Second: Alex Brusilovsky.
      Abstained: Yelena Hardcopf

    3. Temporary bank signer
      The board discussed the need for a temporary bank signer during the transition of leadership. The board moves to assign Yelena Hardcopf co-chair of the board as the temporary bank signer.

      Motion by Christian Schmidt
      Second: Ben Wallace
      Abstained: Yelena Hardcopf

    4. Approval of revised FY15 budget

      Motion by Elizaveta Lindman
      Second: Christian Schmidt

    5. Adopt FY16 budget
    6. The board moves to approve the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget.

      Motion by Ben Wallace
      Second: Christian Schmidt

    7. Approval of Revised by-laws
      The Board needs further clarification for determining election terms for the board members. Consult Cindy Lavorato. By-laws will be approved when this schedule is established.
    8. Annual goals review The board discussed the need to set up goals and an action plan for the board of directors during the 2015- 2016 school year. The board will to do this at July meeting. The board discussed the most important strategic needs of the school including students’ achievement, bringing stability to staffing and enrollment. The board discussed the need to look at our strategic plan and see access the progress on it. The board discussed the need to look critically at the strategic plan and use the IQS report to compare what has been achieved under the strategic plan. The board decided on a working meeting scheduled on July 8th at 6:30pm.
    9. Board self-evaluation
      Board members were given anonymous self-evaluations to complete before the next board meeting. The responses will be reviewed by someone not on the board. 8.7 Change Board meetings to the second Thursday of the month The board moves to change the monthly directors meeting to the second Thursday of the month beginning with the September 2015 board meeting.

      Motion by Ben Wallace
      Second: Christian Schmidt

    10. Other
      1. Proposal from New Songs School of Music to rent classrooms for music instruction. The board discussed the advantages and disadvantages of renting classrooms to New Songs School of Music. The board moves to allow New Songs School of Music to rent classrooms for music instruction after school.

        Motion by Ben Wallace
        Second: Alex Brusilovsky

  9. Adjourn

Action items:

  1. Look at the results of the board self-evaluations.
  2. Board members should review the employee and personnel handbook.
  3. Working meeting on annual goals review is scheduled for July 8th, at 6:30pm.
  4. The personnel committee must meet to define roles for the .5 executive director position and the .75 lead teacher positions.
  5. Review pay decrease for before and after care staffing from $25 dollars an hour to $15 dollars an hour.

Next Board Meeting: July 16, 2015 – 6:30 Nasha Shkola School

The Nasha Shkola Board meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30

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