Current bus times and drop-off/pick-up locations.

Nasha Shkola is planning 4 bus routes in 2023-2024:

Bus #1 

Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis. Plymouth, Osseo

Bus #2

Saint Michael, Anoka, Osseo

Bus #3

Coon Rapids, Anoka

Bus #4

Shakopee, Minnetonka, Minneapolis

Our students come to Nasha Shkola from all over the Metro area, so we are committed to offering transportation that is safe, reliable and efficient. Our school offers 4 bus routes with stops at the following locations: Otsego, Elk River, St. Michael, Anoka, Champlin, Maple Grove, Plymouth, New Hope, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, etc.  

Our Partner in providing transportation services is 4Mativ. To contact 4motiv please call the parent hotline at (763)-343-5970.

4 bus lines are operated by the Northstar Bus Lines has a tracking system that allows parents to track their student’s school bus via the VersaTrans MyStop app.  If you need help with the app (not seeing your students, logging in, etc.) please call 763-425-2542 and ask for Tyler or Tim from 6am-2pm M-F or, call Nasha Shkola at 763-496-5550.

Bus & MyStop App info >>

  • Our buses are equipped with security cameras.
  • Students in our normal route areas are picked up and dropped off at the street corner that’s safe and nearest their home.
  • Students living outside our normal bus routes can catch the bus at a central pick-up spot.

We will be working on our bus routes during the month of August to create a new schedule.  To request a bus, please fill out the Transportation Request Form and submit it to the school office prior to August 15, 2017.  

For more information about transportation contact the Nasha Shkola office at or 763-496-5550.


Students shall be aware that all school rules, policies, and regulations apply to behavior on busses to
and from school or while on any school-related activity. Rules and regulations have been established
to maintain a safe and positive climate for all riders and drivers on each school bus.


Expectations for all bus riders:

  • Be courteous at the bus stop.
  • Enter the bus in an orderly fashion, sit down, and remain seated for the entire trip.
  • Do not move from seat to seat, put your feet on the seats, or engage in any horseplay.
  • Be respectful of other students and the driver. Do not use foul language. Do not take things that belong to others.
  • Do not harass anyone verbally or physically.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus unless the driver gives you permission to do so.
  • Cooperate respectfully with the driver. Comply with the requests from the driver without arguing.
  • Transporting any potentially dangerous objects, including weapons, is prohibited.
  • Keep all body parts inside the bus. Do not throw objects out the bus window.
  • Do not vandalize the bus in any way.
  • Do not stand or walk in a bus while it is in motion.
  • Do not distract the driver in any way. Your safety and the safety of others is in the hands of the driver.

A bus driver’s primary concern is safety. If students on a particular bus consistently misbehave, the
driver or transportation director may request a seating chart for the entire bus. In addition, drivers
can assign a particular student an assigned seat if they feel it is necessary.

Consequences for Breaking Ridership Rules

Students who demonstrate inappropriate behavior on the bus or at a bus stop will be referred to
school administrators.

Principals handle each case on an individual basis and may assign the following consequences: verbal
warning, assigned bus seat, discussion with parent, and loss of bus service.

Student Transportation Reimbursement Policy

Постановление Совета Директоров о возмещении затрат на бензин для провоза учащихся в школу

In adhering with State Statute 124D.10, subdivision 16 this is Nasha Shkola’s transportation reimbursement policy for families that drive their children to school.

Transportation reimbursement is only for students who reside outside the Brooklyn Park School District (this is the district where Nasha Shkola is located) and whose family income is at or below the poverty level as determined by the federal government.  A parent may be reimbursed for costs of transporting their student from the student’s residence to the Brooklyn Park School District border (this is the district where Nasha Shkola is located).  The reimbursement will be at 15 cents per mile.  Reimbursement will not be paid for more than 250 miles per week.  As per federal law DSSR 277.1f, reimbursement may only be made for one round trip per day between school and home.

(Возмещение из расчета 15 центов за милю.  Возмещение не покрывает более 250 миль в неделю.  Согласно федеральному закону, возмещение покрывает дорогу только в одном направлении ( из дома в школу или из школы домой) – один раз в день.)


In addition, on an annual basis families wishing to receive transportation reimbursement must complete the application for student transportation reimbursement form and have it turned in to the school before the first day of school.  The application will be accepted throughout the school year if there has been a change in the financial status of the family.

Download the application


For families that meet eligibility requirements and have been approved though their application to receive transportation reimbursement there is a specific form from the State of Minnesota that needs to be completed on a monthly basis in order to receive the reimbursement.  The reimbursement form must be completed and turned in to the school director no later than the 10th day of the month following the month reimbursement is being requested.  The reimbursement form is located in the school office.

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Nasha Shkola — Russian for Our School — is an academically rigorous K-8 charter school, providing a highly-structured learning environment for students interested in Russian language and culture.

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