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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: November 11, 2020

Location: Zoom Webinar

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call and Recognition of Visitors and Board Co-Chairs
    • Alekej Abyzov: Present
    • Mark Eilers: Present
    • Natalya Johnson: Present
    • Elizaveta Lindman: Present
    • Andrew Wood: Present
    • Yelena Hardcopf, Executive Director, ex officio board member.
    • Visitors in attendance: Amanda Rohde, Eugene Serdiouk, Irina Lynch, Irinka Kifyak, Lada, Maria Zakharnitskaia, Mary, Stella, Tiffany, q2fd9m
  2. Approval of the Agenda for this meeting
    Motion to approve the agenda for this meeting.
    Motion by: Andrew Wood
    Seconded by: Natalya Johnson
  3. Read the Nasha Shkola Mission and Vision
    To be an academically rigorous school preparing students for continued success as motivated learners and global citizens.
    Mission: Nasha Shkola aspires to be a multi-cultural charter school committed to exceptional education in all areas of academic inquiry with an emphasis on Russian Language and Culture, providing structured and responsive learning environment based upon educational best practices for all students and their families.
  4. Open Forum for members of the public wishing to address the board.
  5. Reports
    1. Executive Director report: Health and safety report
      • In-person learning is our priority
      • Cases spiking in Hennepin and Anoka counties
      • No confirmed positive cases yet, but 19 students quarantine
      • Close contact quarantine is 24 days
      • Staff shortage at NS and statewide
      • 4 staff out of school today, including one teacher in a long-term absence due to an accident
      • State recommends restrictions at 5% showing respiratory symptoms; NS has reached this threshold.
      • Many families taking vacations
      • Many families still attending gatherings
      • Absent students do not always keep up with learning
      • Many students do not wear mask properly or wear poorly fitting mask
      • Not all families notify the school of illness; many families do not complete health checks
      • When families refuse tests, we have to treat it as the worst case scenario
    2. Discussion of the next steps:
      • Staff survey: 67% (12) K-8 distance learning
      • Model
      • Timeframe
      • Needs
        • Childcare can be provided (free for tier one, paid for others)

          Motion to begin distance learning Tuesday November 17 (Friday and Monday as planning days) and to be reevaluated on an ongoing basis (presumed end date Jan 4)
          Motion by: Elizaveta Lindman
          Seconded by: Natalya Johnson

  6. Adjourn
    Motion to adjourn at 8:11
    Motion by: Alexej Abyzov
    Seconded by: Natalya Johnson

The Nasha Shkola Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM. 
The Finance Committee meets at 5:30 prior to the board meeting.

Nasha Shkola — Russian for Our School — is an academically rigorous K-8 charter school, providing a highly-structured learning environment for students interested in Russian language and culture.

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