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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: July 17, 2018

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call and Recognition of Visitors and Board Co-Chairs
    1. Yelena Hardcopf:Present
    2. Elizaveta Lindman: Present
    3. Christian Schmidt: Present
    4. Alekej Abyzov: Present
    5. Yelena Kurdyumova: Present
    6. Mark Eilers: Present
    7. Paul Kinsey, Executive Director, ex officio board member: Present
    8. Visitors in attendance: Sergey Porada.
  2. Approval of the Agenda for this meeting
    Motion to approval the agenda with the inclusion of a report on a meeting with IQS.
    Motion by: Mark Eilers
    Seconded by: Christian Schmidt
  3. Read the Nasha Shkola Mission and Vision – Paul Kinsley
    To be an academically rigorous school preparing students for continued success as motivated learners and global citizens.
    Mission: Nasha Shkola aspires to be a multi-cultural charter school committed to exceptional education in all areas of academic inquiry with an emphasis on Russian Language and Culture, providing structured and responsive learning environment based upon educational best practices for all students and their families.
  4. Open Forum for members of the public wishing to address the board
    • No comments from the public.
  5. Installation of new Board members
    • Mark Eilers (Community) 2018-2021 term
    • Ivanna Gradinar (Parent) 2018-2019 term
    • Julia Ishanova (Parent) 2018-2021 term
    • Yelena Hardcopf (Teacher) 2018-2021 term
  6. Reports

    1. Executive Director report Paul Kinsley
      1. Enrollment: 119 students
        • The budget is based on 125 students.
        • The upcoming Kindergarten class is 15 students.
      2. Employment/staff update
        • The school hired a reading specialist, Meredith Folger.
        • The school received the resignation of the Fourth-Grade teacher and are currently interviewing for the fourth-grade position.
        • The plan for the reading specialist will be too work with students on reading. One half of the time would be working with students and the other half of her working day would be working with teachers on reading strategies.
      3. Student Achievement & School Improvement (Yelena Hardcopf)
        • The LIT team attended a preliminary results data session. The school has a lot to be proud of. Math scores are growing consistently year over year. The school implemented a guided reading program in January and the data appears to indicate that it worked. The official results will be released sometime in August.
        • ACCESS data was given but the staff was not trained on analyzing this.
          The LIT will meet in August to discuss goals for the upcoming year.
      4. Other reports
        • Marketing Report: Yelena Kurdyumova
          “Head of Marketing Committee Yelena S. Kurdyumova informed that in June-July 2018 in the course of her election campaign as candidate to Mayor of Brooklyn Park she posted on her campaign website the information about Nasha Shkola  including the links to the website of Nasha Shkola and to the article about her meeting with State Rep. Michael Nelson for discussion of Nasha Shkola problems, posted on the website Y. Kurdyumova also said that during her frequent meetings with her constituents she presented Nasha Shkola as the school which would give their children and grandchildren unique opportunity to learn free-of-charge Russian language, literature and art.
          Yelena also noted that the delay with making flyers for 2018-2019 school year prevents her effective promotion of Nasha Shkola among the families of potential students. Y.Kurdyumova asked Y. Hardkopf and P. Kinsley to expedite updating of promotional flyers for 2018-2019 school year.”
          Yelena S. Kurdyumova
    2. Financial Reports
      The board examined financial reports.

      1. Monthly Finance Report
        • The audit will take place this month.
        • Fund 01 deficit of $154,723
        • Fund 02 This account ended the year with a positive balance of $619.00
        • Fund balance is $163,791 as of June 30th, 2017.
        • The school added students and will receive more revenue from the state in August.
  7. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of June 19, 2018 Board meeting
    2. Financials June 2018.
    3. Approval of new employees’ agreements:
      Meredith Folger 1.0 FTE (Reading Specialist)
      Motion to approve of the minutes of the June 19, 2018 board meeting, the June 2018 financials, an employee agreement with Meredith Folger 1.0 FTE (Reading Specialist), and the correction to the June 19th, 2018 board meeting minutes discussed.

      Motion by Mark Eilers
      Seconded by: Christian Schmidt

  8. Old Business
    1. Website updates
      • The board discussed the changes to be made to the website including areas on the website for board member information, smaller pictures, and the aesthetics of the web page.
      • The board asked some questions about the bios and the necessary information.
      • The board discussed Strategic planning and a report from the authorizer.
      • Suggestions for the website and calendar integration were discussed.
      • A request for more bios from Russian language staff was made.
      • The board also discussed installing a donation button on the website to make giving easy.
  9. New Business
    1. Board activity calendar 2018-2019 & Board training
      • The board looked at the calendar and reviewed the upcoming training requirements.
        Motion to approve the Board Activity calendar with corrections to the month of March as discussed.
        Motion by: Yelena Kurdyumova
        Seconded by: Christian Schmidt.
    2. Policy development: Acceleration and retention policy.
      •  The school needs a policy on this.
      • This is an add on policy in addition to our previous policy on kindergarten enrollment.
      • The school needs a clear policy that is objective and based on data before accelerating or retaining a student
      • This should be ready to be approved at the next board meeting.
    3. Change of payroll dates.
      • Director Kinsley explained the change of the payroll dates to the 15th of the month and last day of the month to the 16th and the first of the month.
      • This change will make doing payroll easier and help avoid borrowing short term to make payroll.

        Motion to change the payroll dates from the 15th of the month and last day of the month to the 16th of the month and 1st of the month beginning August 31, 2018.
        Motion by: Mark Eilers
        Seconded by: Yelena Kurdyumova

  10. Other
    1. QS scorecard.
      The report was discussed by the board.
  11. Adjourn
    Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:38pm.
    Motion by Christian Schmidt
    Seconded by: Mark Eilers

The Nasha Shkola Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30
The finance Committee meets at 5:30 prior to the board meeting.


  1. Acceleration and retention draft sent out for review.
  2. Discussion of committees for the school board.
  3. Completion of Pre-K paper work.
  4. New flyers.

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