Elizaveta Lindman

5th-8th Grade Math

About Elizaveta

My name is Elizaveta Lindman (Elizaveta Anatolievna for my students) and I am the 5-8th grade Math teacher at Nasha Shkola. I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’ve been a teacher of mathematics at Nasha Shkola since 2012. I have a wonderful time teaching here because of the great students and small classes, along with the friendly atmosphere. Through all the years of my teaching I have had a great fortune to see students’ personal growth. 5-8 grades math courses are a very important part of math study because it is a transition from elementary arithmetic level into analytical math of high school and college level courses. Growth stems from challenge. A student may experience moments of pride from accomplishment as well as moments of frustration which may lead him or her to want to give up. Those are the moments when a child needs an encouragement to focus on growth by continuing to work hard utilizing class activities, assignments, and seeking extra help if needed. And I am happy to provide this kind of support and encouragement to the students on their way to mastery.

For me fun is…

spending time and travelling with my family, reading and… playing with my horses.


Moscow University of Mathematics, Russia | Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics

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