Dear Parents,

Academic excellence is a goal of Nasha Shkola community. We want every child at every level to excel, and we work hard to deliver on that promise. Here is a brief recap of different ways we support our learners in the areas of reading and math:

  • Teachers can differentiate instruction in order to reach all our learners (classroom interventions)
  • Teaching aids (funded by Title 1) give one-on-one/small group help to students to support learning
  • ESL teacher and ESL aid (Title 3) provide ongoing support in the classroom and one-on-one/small group setting.
  • Learning Specialist supports students and families on their journey through learning accommodations and differentiation (Special Education Specialists & Child Find Team)
  • Reading Corps Volunteer (Reading Specialist) works with identified students in grades 1-3 to improve reading skills.

Most importantly, the student success is determined by the parents’ involvement in the educational process of their child. Learning at home is as important as learning at school. This school year, Nasha Shkola will be following Parent Involvement Plan. Our goal is to involve families with their children in learning activities at home.

If you are would like to learn more about programs provided by school or would like to become a volunteer-tutor please contact school administration for more information.

Below are the documents that explain our initiatives and student support services.


Annual Report

Schoolwide Program Plan

Priority School Family Notification Letter

Parent Right to Know

What is Title I? - English 

What is Title I? - Russian

Title I Parent Involvement Plan

Total Special Education System (TSES)

Code of Conduct 

Pre-Referral Process & Specific Learning Disability Identification

Civil Rights Policy

Title IX Statement

Wellness Policy

"Reading Well" Literacy Plan