Nasha Shkola (Our School) is a product of four years of work by the Slavic community center. Over the past several years, parent and community leaders have become very concerned about the educational lag of their students who are entering school with limited English skills and immediately falling behind other students in school.


The school will, at the same time, recruit English speaking students who are interested in learning to speak Russian and develop an understanding of the Russian culture, literature, and arts. NS will be innovative while replicating successful programs. NS will partner with area Pre K programs, incorporate international partnerships with student and teacher exchanges, end high school as we know it today in the 11th grade and implement a unique staffing model.


The Nasha Shkola Difference

The founding board believes that our school with its

vision and mission,
highly qualified staff and board,
the Russian philosophy of high rigor,
no nonsense,
community and parental support,
longer school day and school year

will result in Nasha Shkola being one of the highest performing schools in the metropolitan area.